Bring FunBotLab Home or into Your Classroom!
Introducing the FunBotLab EV3 Jumpkit

This is a EV3 Mindstorms Builder’s Dream! Imagine having a compact place to view and store your entire EV3 Core Kit. With all your 541 pieces at a glance, building is fast and easy, and you can see quickly if a piece is missing. Protect your investment. Never lose a part again! Perfect for builders and educators alike. Works with LEGO Kit 45544. LEGO EV3 Kit/Parts not included.

Only $65.00

Want LEGO® robots, but don't want to PURCHASE them? Rent them instead!

EV3 & WeDo 2.0 Rental Program


Want one or two robots to work with at home? Our individual plan is for you. For the low cost of $20 per month for the EV3 Kit, and $15 per month for the WeDo 2.0. Start building and coding with your kids today. Keep your robot for 1 month or 6, and just ship back when you are done. Nominal shipping and restocking fees may apply.


Teaching a LEGO® Robotics Course? We have you covered. Rent a classroom’s worth of EV3 kits in Funbotic’s signature packaging, making instruction a breeze. No more missing LEGO®. Package includes 16 student kits, and a BONUS kit for the instructor. Nominal shipping and restocking fee may apply.

Program Director

Have a need for LOTS of LEGO®? Why spend thousands on depreciating capital? If you are renting over 1 classroom (or 18+) EV3 robots during the school year on a monthly basis, you qualify for even better pricing. Package comes with battery charging station. Nominal shipping and restocking fees apply.